What we offer


Interactive Educational Sessions


All of our educational sessions are interactive sessions, from design charrettes to role playing to round table discussions focused on solving a specific problem or issue one of our members or organizations is wrestling with.  We use pens, paper, colored pencils, props, computers, whiteboards – you name it!

If you attend our sessions, you can’t help but be an active participant.  You will learn from others, share what you know and build those relationships that are so important in our industry.

PowerPitches Instead of Booth Time


Sponsors and exhibitors don’t sit in a separate room hoping people will approach them.  They are active participants in the conference and each gets time to speak to and present their products to the entire attendance base during the conference.

High Quality Networking


SWPTA is known for its unique spirit of inclusion; this is a group of people who know how to network and have a good time together like a family.  Everyone is welcome and actively included in our events.  Good company means a great time, lasting relationships and SWPTA knows how to create an environment where that is a guaranteed result.

Excellence In Parking Award Program


The Southwest Parking and Transportation Association is pleased to announce its 1st ever Annual Awards to recognize and engage all aspects of our industry; from group to individual.   Click here for more info.


SWPTA Scholarship


In 2008, Warren Reynolds retired from Pima County, AZ, Warren was one of the founding members of SWPTA. As recognition, SWPTA established the Warren Reynolds Scholarship Fund to foster the professional development of its members.