Does anyone ever directly choose Parking? I think not, I think we fall into Parking and many would say never get out. That is where a challenge could be thrown. While the entry may not have been an active choice other than a job offer, the journey to stay the path most definitely is. Parking is a ver wonderful career path with many facets.

As a 17 year university industry veteran I have been involved in budgets, permit sales, appeals, enforcement, maintenance, events and some construction. Oh, and for sure customer service, problem solving and conflict management. Not everyone moves around in their respective departments. However, if you haven’t I highly recommend it. Let me explain a little about why it is recommended for one you will never feel stagnant in your job, you will always have new experiences and for sure a deeper global understanding of all that “parking” is and for two there is so many avenues to explore in order to find your personal fit. Here is another piece of food for thought, while it will most likely be expected for you to go to work every day you can be sure that while some day to day functions are the same, each day provides new interactions and situations to keep the mind fresh.

As a university employee and employer hiring a large student staff has been not only very rewarding for our department but them as well. As previously said often we “fall” into the industry. I can think of some of our student staff that have transitioned into the industry on a more permanent basis than a college job level. Even more if not all that have come back or have  kept in contact will still say without a doubt “parking” was the best job they have ever had. There are many reasons for this the biggest is the connection to the other co-workers; a close second will be the conflict management and de-escalation skills that transfer to any other type of employment possible. In addition to this being the most fun job they have ever had. Let me tell you they don’t feel like that in the beginning. Most stay through their college career and have an amazing transferable opportunity.

With all the opportunity no matter where one falls within the organization one of the biggest lessons that has been imparted to me over the years so therefore is imparted to our front line staff is to get involved. Cross train, learn all that someone is willing to teach you. Take a class, join a webinar, go to a conference, gain industry and work knowledge. Parking is so much more than lines a vehicle parks between.

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