New Conference Format


for SWPTA 2012:  What a Success!


LAS VEGAS–  Southwest Parking & Transportation Association successfully implemented a new conference format for the 2012 conference.  Instead of having all of the vendors lug all of their heavy and cumbersome booths and materials with them to the event, only to sit in an empty exhibit hall while educational and training sessions occurred in another room, SWPTA invited all of the participants to remain together for the duration of the conference.  It was a huge SUCCESS!


Vendors and attendees mixed freely, and there was more time to speak to more people throughout the day–Vendors were also invited to participate in any of the activities offered at the conference.  Several vendors took part in educational sessions that were relevant to the use of the very products they sell.  Other vendors noted how valuable it was to sit in with the end-users to have a deeper understanding of how their products are used, and how their products fit into the larger picture of the industry as a whole.

Power Pitches and Panel Discussions

Vendors also took part in panel discussions on technology integration and customer service.  The mix of perspectives added more dimension to the experience as a whole.  Between the educational sessions, sponsors gave 15 minute “Power Pitches” to all the attendees.  Vendors had a captive audience as they introduced their products and companies to the entire group as a whole.  The power pitches offered a more intimate and informative look into each company than was previously experienced in the exhibit hall format.  Attendees noted in a survey that was conducted that they learned things about companies that they did not know, even companies that they were very familiar with otherwise.

Survey Results

Overall it was an exciting and enriching experience to try something new, and have it be so well received.  We conducted a survey that measured key elements of the event.  All-in-all, the comments were positive and constructive.  The Southwest Parking & Transportation Association looks forward to expanding our educational and networking opportunities while making positive and informed changes based on our member feedback.

The Southwest Parking & Transportation Association looks forward to the future, and what we can offer your organization.  A heartfelt thank you goes out to all who participated.  We can’t wait to see you all again!