SWPA to become SWPTA!

The Southwest Parking Association is excited to announce we have renamed our organization, now becoming the Southwest Parking & Transportation Association (SWPTA). The name change symbolizes how parking and transportation are connected systems that, in concert, facilitate the diverse mobility needs of the public.

In today’s municipal and university environments, parking is continuously becoming more integrated with transportation. Transportation Demand Management (TDM), Urban Planning, Technology Integration and Sustainability are each impacting our mobility. The way in which parking systems interface with every mode of transportation not only shapes our industry, but affects how people move throughout the world.

SWPTA is a proud ally of the International Parking Institute, and is dedicated to serving the networking and professional development needs of both parking and transportation industry members. In the spirit of inclusion, we make no distinction between institutions and corporations or between CEOs and front line staff. We exist to provide a platform for discussion to enable the spread of information,  methodologies and best practices for the parking and transportation industries. SWPTA invites you to join the conversation by becoming a member and/or sponsor, regularly visiting and contributing to our website http://www.southwestparking.org, and attending our 11th annual conference, October 27th – 30th in Las Vegas!

Leader of the Brand


It’s all in the Name! Sixteen years ago, the city of Portland, Oregon arrived at an innovative idea: to develop a brand identity for its municipal parking operations. In 1993, Portland Public Parking became SmartPark. And since then, parking in downtown Portland hasn’t been the same.

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Airport Parking Takes Off

Vancouver International Airport’s Parking Structure Undergoes a Wayfinding Makeover

We don’t go to an airport to park. We go to fly! So parking need not be the adventure. The anxiety of arriving to the airport on time to catch our flight is often heightened as we approach the airport and begin thinking about parking. Do I attempt to park in the long-term lot and hope the shuttle will get me to the terminal in time? Do I chance finding a parking spot in the garage?  To read more of this article by Todd Pierce, click here